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Successful Homeschooling Made Easy?


“I would like to thank you, for your course Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.
When I started homeschooling I found that there is so much information out there, I felt too overwhelmed.
I felt between a rock and a hard place, wanting to homeschool and needing to but also not knowing where to start.Your course was a ‘life-saver’. It reduced my stress greatly by addressing my immediate concern of ‘getting started’.
It also enabled me to get organised and set up a structure so that I could schedule my household tasks and prayer times.Overall I really like the practicality of your course, and the fact the lessons are not too lengthy, but straight to the point.
This enables us to get on with our busy schedules. I look forward to receiving the weekly emails, adding more practicalities each week, enabling us time to implement the last lesson.
I have also found the tips offered by seasoned homeschoolers very encouraging. Thank you once again”
Elisabeth Carman
Melbourne, Australia


The course was non-threatening and supportive. I feel my
confidence has increased and I got great ideas. I enjoyed each
and every lesson.  D T

“I chose this course because a friend recommended it at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by everything in my life,
and I have found that it has been very affirming for me. This is our fourth year homeschooling and my boys have never been to school.
I would have liked to do this course when I first started homeschooling as it would have saved me a lot of time, worry and stress.The other big thing for me is coming to understand that I don’t have to be bigger and better as a homeschooler – just consistent, willing and come with the best attitude for today.”
Tanya Micallef


I now have a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have before I started the course. I am confident in teaching my children now. A C


“I first did Stephanie’s courses ten years ago and have been happily homeschooling my two youngest children since then.
But recently I started to worry a little more about specific skills that school was measuring I was feeling overwhelmed.
So I started the ‘Successful Homeschooling Made Easy’ course to get my focus back where it belongs ‘My children’. It has been a great tool for me to be able to work through her sessions, look after myself, and listen to myself and know I am doing the right thing for my children.
I have been able to reflect on my experiences as a teacher, mother, tutor, mentor and acknowledge the depth of wisdom I have truly gained by the journey Stephanie has led me on through this course. Now my youngest children are 16 and 14 and my oldest children are in their thirties I can carry on with great confidence as well as knowledge.
All children are individuals and as mothers we know them best TRUST THEM AND TRUST YOURSELF!!!!Seek wisdom from people who have been there and done that. This course is just that. Listen UP and listen carefully.”
Karen Smith
Auckland, New Zealand


I now have a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have before I started the course. I am confident in teaching my children now. A C


“The course confirmed to me many of the lessons I have learned in my years homeschooling and this gave me confidence in myself.
It also made me ask the hard questions that helped me to see better where my struggles come from.
Probably most importantly it helped me to get back to basics and not feel pressured to do ‘all the things out there for homeschoolers’.I loved receiving my weekly lesson and I almost felt like I had lost a long lost friend when I got to the end.
I also liked the emphasis on simple, everyday home resources and that fact that there was no push on a curriculum or workbook
or other product to buy with the promises of success, or to leave you with the feeling of failure when missed out or left uncompleted.”
Leanne Davidson
Hamilton, New Zealand


This has been a very helpful course – encouraging and certainly
stopped homeschooling from being overwhelming. I have really
appreciated your passion and wisdom. Thank you.  W S


“We have been homeschooling for 20 years this year. However, I have found that though I have been homeschooling for so long and ‘should know it all’, that at times you get into a ‘funk’ so-to-speak…
This is where Successful Homeschooling Made Easy came into our lives. I needed help! I needed different suggestions and encouragement, and not only that, but I needed the excitement back that I had when our now older children were young.
When I saw the classes that Stephanie were offering, I knew that this is what I needed. I was excited again!
I couldn’t wait for each week’s lesson to come to me so I could print it out and begin on it. She covered so many, many aspects pertaining to homeschooling. It was as if I had found a whole new avenue to homeschooling that I hadn’t taken into consideration yet.
If you happen to be a parent considering homeschooling, or a mom who needs a ‘change’ or a ‘new beginning’ (a fresh start), or even if you’re a homeschooling parent of 20+ years’ experience, this is one of the most rewarding classes, you, as a parent, can ever take!!”
Kelly Benedict


The course has been a wonderful experience for me. I loved
reading the stories and getting organization ideas. You have
really got me thinking about my values and helped me to work out
why I want to homeschool.  Thanks. H E


“What an amazing and helpful course! I joined the course hoping to gain some insight into homeschooling from a veteran.
This course offered that insight and more! It was inspirational, practical, balanced and very helpful.
I found the lesson on ‘Fireproofing Your Homeschool’ to be the most helpful. From this lesson we sat down and actually identified and wrote down our personal short term and long term goals but more importantly we came away with a list of our Homeschool Goals.
I can’t explain how invaluable this has been and still is. In the every day bustle of life it is easy to forget why you set out on this particular journey so now, every time I look at our Homeschool Goals, which is on our fridge, I am reminded why we are homeschooling and exactly what we want to achieve. It provides that hope and inspiration and excitement that we felt when we first decided to homeschool. It keeps us going when things get tough.
I also love the variety of templates for lesson planning and scheduling.
I would recommend this course to anyone looking at or just starting out on their homeschooling journey. Stephanie Walmsley’s advice has proven invaluable and has saved us from ‘reinventing the wheel’.
Thank you Stephanie!”
Angela Gilberd
Auckland, New Zealand


This has been a wonderful and inspiring course that helped me to
think about my role and our journey and dream as a family. I
really enjoyed the practical suggestions and tools that I can
apply in my everyday life.  It’s not complicated or
expensive and I’ve not been given a ‘method’ or a ‘this is the
way’ message – I’ve been empowered on my journey with my family.


I was really inspired by the relaxed manner of the course and the way you inspire confidence. I know I can do this now! Thanks!  J S


I really liked the way you gently walked me through the process
of establishing what suits our family and how we want to work.
Planning and homeschooling are so enjoyable now.  Thank you. B S


It has been an absolute pleasure! I have found the whole course so
inspiring and feel a much clearer direction to my homeschooling – we
have more freedom and ease in our family. I have one complaint – I
didn’t want the course to end! C H

I liked the way you helped me to set perspective and context for
homeschooling and the inspiration and ideas were great. K L


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