What Do Turkeys Have to do with Homeschooling?

I was reading about turkeys recently.  Apparently, wild turkeys can fly, but they also run.  They don’t run in a straight line, and they look very comical
when they are running.  If they are chased, they run a little bit then fly a little bit, then walk around for a while.

Does that sound like the homeschool journey?  Start off running and even fly for a bit, then back to the ground for walking, but this time, wandering aimlessly, nibbling at this or that program, being distracted by whatever is nearby, and then getting a scare and doing a bit of wing fluttering…

Many beginning homeschoolers get distracted. They move forward, have a setback, then more success and get distracted all over again. A bit like those turkeys, in fact.

But this doesn’t need to be the case.  Homeschooling can be simple, orderly, happy and do-able by just about any family that has the will and desire, no matter the circumstances, or number or ages of the children.

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