What an Unfit Businessman Taught Me About Homeschooling

I read an article recently about a businessman who was a bit overweight and unfit when he decided to get fit and run a marathon. He succeeded in running the marathon. And he told us how he succeeded. In a nutshell he got good at running by running.

He says he spent a lot of time running. He ran in all types of weather, day after day, season after season. He ran when he was in the mood and when he wasn’t in the mood. He ran when it was very cold, and when it was stinky hot. Eventually he got the pay-off. He succeeded in his achieving his goal. He ran a marathon.

I see a connection here with homeschooling and parenting. It’s quite an exciting twist.

Generally homeschooling takes a lot of time.

  • There is time spent learning how to homeschool, and time spent actually homeschooling.

  • Then there’s the travel time as you take the children to events and

  • Time for on-going learning for yourself as parent and teach.

  • Time spent reading and choosing what to teach and how to teach it.

The list could go on and on.

Time, time, time!

But some homeschoolers never see the pay-off because they stop before the end of the race.

For a runner it might be too windy, while a homeschooler might be buffeted by opposition from important people in their lives.

For a runner it might be too cold, while a homeschooler might be having problems with a child who is left cold and unmoved by mother’s enthusiastic presentation of a difficult subject.

For a runner the race might be too long, while a homeschooler might be frustrated by the lack of perceived progress, or the inability to keep up with what’s happening in the local support group.


What if there was a way to speed things up? What if there was a way to get help in homeschooling and in learning all of the various aspects of homeschooling?

That would be great, wouldn’t it? I suppose it would be almost like running a marathon WITHOUT having to spend all that time training for it.

That’s where Successful Homeschooling Made Easy comes in.

I teach people all the shortcuts I have learned over so many years of homeschooling. I share tips and ideas, I offer encouragement and suggestions. I give practical examples and show how it is done.

This means that you can cut straight through the fluff and be homeschooling effectively this very week.

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