How Long Will You Homeschool?

I have heard people say that they will try homeschooling and see how
it goes. When I hear that, I know that the family will only be homeschooling as long it goes well.

Sometimes I hear people say that they will try it for a year and see
how it is. It’s like they are hedging their bets – if it doesn’t
turn out, they are covered.

One thing is certain in homeschooling. And that is that you will
have ups and downs, good days and bad days, easy times and harder
times, successes and disasters.

When you first start planning to homeschool it can be a bit
daunting, and it can also be very exciting. But when when the
initial excitement about homeschooling has gone and things get bumpy
a lot of people blame homeschooling and give up.

But if you want to succeed in homeschooling, it’s better to decide
beforehand that you will push through the hard times and succeed.
That you will continue to homeschool when things get busy – you get
pregnant, someone gets sick, your spouse is made redundant, your
kitchen gets flooded when the dishwasher springs a leak…

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy will help you to homeschool
through all the difficult times, so that homeschooling itself
becomes the fun part of your day and week, even while all the
complicated stuff called ‘life’ is happening around you.

With this six-month online course you’ll get a lesson by email each
week for 26 weeks. You can print the lesson and put it in your
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