What Does the Course Cover?

During the course you will learn in-depth, how to homeschool successfully. You will be shown precisely:

• Step by step instructions on how to work out your vision and plan your goals.

• Step by step instructions on how to make a schedule and develop it as you go along.

• How to handle obstacles and keep going when things get tough.

• How to write a lesson plan.

• How to teach subjects like music appreciation and arts and crafts.

• How to fireproof your homeschool and never ever suffer from burnout.

• How to plan curriculum.

• How to get your housework done while homeschooling.

• How to keep your household organized and tidy while homeschooling.

• How to keep records.

• Hear from experienced homeschoolers about what makes them successful.

• How to avoid common pitfalls of homeschooling.

• How to be more efficient in homeschooling.

• How to bring your child out of school and deal with the special challenges that entails.

• What to do instead of school reports.

• How to really ENJOY homeschooling.


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What people are saying about Successful Homeschooling Made Easy ...

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for inspiring me to get the best out of myself, my family and life. This course has really helped me to be confident with homeschooling and enjoying God's precious gifts.  M J

I love the way you gave me so many tools to enable me to develop my own approach to homeschooling. Thank you so much,  it's been wonderful.  S R

It's very non-threatening and supportive.  It builds confidence and each week I have been buzzing with ideas. D T

I just thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. The insights are so practical and now I know that I can have a learning lifestyle in our family.  E P

Before doing this course I really felt like I was flying in the wind and wavering at any gust of wind.  Now I have sorted out all the confusion and I know what I want to do and how to do it with my boys. B C

It was so informative and inspirational! I thoroughly enjoyed getting a lesson each week and now I feel confident enough to take my son out of school and start the rest of our lives!

I now feel confident in my own ability to homeschool my children and to to get too stressed about doing it all right.  M S

The course was fantastic! A huge encouragement and inspiration. I got good ideas for books to use and how to deal with difficult children. Such good value for money!  J M

I found the course really practical and broad.  I was very encouraged in my parenting as well as in  homeschooling. H T

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